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SEE WHO’S supporting
Kristina Walker

Dozens of local organizations and Washington leaders support the re-election of Council Member Walker!
Photo of Endorser

Derek Kilmer

Congress Member WA-06

Photo of Endorser

Victoria Woodards

Mayor of Tacoma

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Marilyn Strickland

Congress Member WA-10


  • Victoria Woodards, Mayor of Tacoma

  • Keith Blocker, Tacoma City Council

  • Sarah Rumbaugh, Tacoma City Council

  • Olgy Diaz, Tacoma City Council

  • Joe Bushnell, Tacoma City Council

  • Catherine Ushka, Tacoma City Council

  • Ryan Mello, Pierce County Council

  • Marty Campbell, Pierce County Council

  • Jani Hitchen, Pierce County Council

  • Robyn Denson, Pierce County Council

  • Claudia Balducci, King County Council

  • Michael Liang, Tacoma Parks Commissioner

  • Andrea Smith, Tacoma Parks Commissioner

  • Rosie Ayala, Tacoma Parks Commissioner

  • Elizabeth Bonbright, Tacoma School Board

  • Lisa Keating, Tacoma School Board

  • Korey Strozier, Tacoma School Board

  • Kim Roscoe, Mayor of Fife

  • John Palmer, Puyallup City Council

State & Federal

  • Derek Kilmer, U.S. Representative

  • Marilyn Strickland, U.S. Representative

  • Yasmin Trudeau, State Senator

  • T’wina Nobles, State Senator

  • Laurie Jinkins, State Representative

  • Mari Leavitt, State Representative

  • Jake Fey, State Representative